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Wednesday, August 05 2015

Avon's Skinvincible line is targeted toward damaged skin due to environmental stressors like sunlight and pollution. The day lotion has an SPF 50 and an antioxidant complex to protect skin from further damage. The Deep Recovery night cream works to repair damage overnight. Damage like wrinkles and age spots. The night cream is totally fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin.But don't take my word for it. Read the reviews on my web site like this one from JJ:"I HAVE FINALLY FOUND PERFECT FACE CREAM!! :)By JJJonesfrom OregonComments about Anew Clinical Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream:My mother is a long-time, loyal Anew user, so thanks to her,I have tried almost every moisture cream from the Anew line, and I *love* the way they make my skin feel and look...for the first 30 minutes or so...after that, they have always caused my hyper-sensitive allergies to go into over-drive! :/ Stinging skin, redness, peeling, etc, but the worst was the allergic reaction in my eyes...tearing, blurry vision, and red, blood-shot eyes for *days*, along with a nasal/sinus hayfever-type reaction. I have had the same reaction to most drugstore creams, too. It can be sooo frustrating to feel that you can not take good care of your skin due to allergies to most creams and serums. I have found a few gentle creams in the drugstore that did not set off my allergies, but, they also did *nothing* for my skin! :PAs I said, my mother has used Anew products for years. At almost 72 years-old, her skin looks as though she is around 55 years-old! Her skin is amazing!! I really wanted to use the products in which she so zealously believes!! A couple of months ago, I was clicking around on the Avon site and came across a product with which I was unfamiliar-- Anew Skinvincible...I read about it and watched the video...the magic words, "Suitable for Sensitive Skin. Fragrance Free." caught my attention and gave me hope! ;)Most of us with allergies have bought drugstore products that claimed to be suitable for sensitive skin, only to be disappointed. I have faith in Avon, though, so I decided to give this product a try. Oh, goodness, how glad I am! :) This cream feels so good on my skin. I am forty-four, with prematurely aging skin, due to prior illnesses, but after using this product for only a month, my skin was *changed*! This cream goes on silky and smooth, without a bit of greasiness, and it has made my skin baby soft!! All my lines and wrinkles have eased, and the deepest lines around my eyes are barely noticeable!! It feels like a miracle!!Best of all, I have absolutely no allergic sensitivity to this product. I use it twice a day, and even use it around my eyes, on my lids and under my eyes, and I have no allergies whatsoever. For someone like me, this is incredible!!Finally, a facial moisturizer that does not cause any allergic reaction *and* does a beautiful job of softening my skin and treating my wrinkles and lines. I am so in love with this cream! As long as Avon makes this product, I will buy it, and I am hoping they might add some more products to their Skinvincible line-up, such as an even richer eye-cream and perhaps a cleanser. But for now, this cream is miracle enough!! :)If you have sensitive skin or sensitive eyes due to allergies, I strongly recommend you give this cream a try. :)"Best of all it's on sale for only $16.99 until 8/18/15.

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